From Ajaccio to San Francisco

We are two cousins from Corsica with a passion for art and fashion.
The adventure started in 2014, during a travel to San Francisco where we were amazed by the idea to create a t-shirt brand inspired of urban chic, trash design and of the hipster side of this city. Today the dream come true. You can see the result in the online store.

Our inspiration: 
The Street Art

The inspiration came from the beautiful places we have found, lived in, but also from art and photography.
Design is one of our priorities when we develop our collections.
Our designs have this modern simplicity which combines urban chic, trash and cool attitude.


100% Organic Cotton

We feel concerned by environmental matters, that is the reason why we chose 100% organic cotton for our products. Organic cotton is without GMO and the water consumption necessary for its culture is reduced by half compared to conventional cotton. Its fiber is bleached with hydrogen peroxide and not with chlorine The dyeings are realized without heavy metals nor other carcinogenic substances. Our cotton is recyclable and biodegradable, which makes it a product respectful for the nature.